Me, myself and I

 Hi. My Name is Tim and I live in switzerland.

I grew up in a quite musical family and discovered my fascination and passion for music at an early age.

At the age of 10 my grandfather gifted me my first drumkit and some lessons soon followed. The first attempt with the lessons didn't really work well (too jazzy and too much reading scores). The second attempt with a new teacher was more my thing. With the focus much more on actual playing (yeah) but still doing some reading, rudiments, finger and coordination training, was just a whole lot more fun.

My first band was formed in the middle of my teenage years. From soft tones to hard rock/metal-like stuff - Crossover they said - everything was there. After a few years we changed the style and the band name. Indie Rock was the new thing and  "The Strivers" was born. We had a few very nice experiences and gigs. One of the highlights was the European tour with the New York band "Vampire Weekend" in 2008. Short after we split up because our front man emigrated to England.

Various projects followed:

Charles Wallace: On his album "American Troubadour" I played the drums and we did a few live gigs.

Hard Coming Love (Drummer, Recording, Mixing): Finished and mixed the album together with Glenn. Played only a few but very good gigs, made a detour to Athens to support the band "The Last Drive" - ​​then it was over.

God Loves Fags (Drummer, Guitars, BackVox): Four guys recorded a record together at Josh's The Outlier Inn (Woodridge, NY) in two weeks. "As we took a powernap" was the result. I left the band shortly before the release.

For the Badenfahrt 2017 I joined the Baden band Dig & Roll as a drummer. We played a few concerts at the Badenfahrt, as well as all around, then it was over.

Current projects/bands:

Shaka Laka Secret Project with two girls and me as the drummer. It's basically Rock'n'Roll with some psych and a variety of other influences...

Büro 146 (drummer, guitars, bass, back vox, recording, mixing, producton): Swiss bernese dialect rock. A record is in the works. Live too.

FINREY: Since the beginning of 2019 my rock duo together with Peter Finc. At the moment we are recording songs, wanted to play live a lot and then the Corona hit us all ...