Alas the sun

"He's looking for her" - That could be the title of a schmaltzy romantic comedy, but it’s the beginning of a completely different love story: Anja Tremp and Sandro Raschle’s catchy guitar melodies on acoustic guitar and harmonic vocals, summarized under the name Alas The Sun. The duo feels inspired by melancholic souls like Haley Heynderickx, Julia Jacklin or Andy Shauf.

A folkloric road trip for the ears, which not only tells stories about longing and deep feelings, but also about blueberry seeds. Without losing their loyalty to guitar and vocals, bass, drums, banjo, soft organ sounds and synthesizer play their part in making their sound feel rich and colourful.

In October 2019 the band released their debut album by the name of «You And Your Love» via Taxi Gauche Records. The duo is currently working on a bunch of new songs. A sophomore release is planned for 2021.

As the Producer of this Album I did not just do the tracking of this album but also played all the Drums, some Bass, some Guitars and even some Keys. Oh and som clapping and other stuff too...
The result still makes me happy and proud today! Currently we're working on some new material again.


Tesla Death Ray


Tesla Death Ray formed in 2015 and is respected for their engaging, eclectic and sound-strong live performances. Their psychedelic rock songs have a lucid independence but nevertheless fit together seamlessly to form an overall picture. With Verveine Illusion the band is releasing their debut album. They explore the diversity of the individual pieces leading to an incredible versatility and love for details in each track, be it percussions and frequencies of feedbacking guitars floating in the background or the polyphonic singing. ‘Verveine Illusion’ closes the loop of late 60s psychedelic rock and the rock’n’roll of the early to mid 70.

This Album was recorded at my studio. I supported them as sound engineer and co-producer.

Full Tone Ahead


Full Tone Ahead from Olten (Switzerland) consists of a femal singer that plays bass, a male singer that plays guitar, a guitar player that also plays keys, a dancing guitar player and a singing drummer. Their lyrics are english, french and italien what makes the overall versatile and interesting. Their style is mixed with a base of 70s-80s rock, flavoured with indie-, singer songwriter songs, funk and ska. all songs and lyrics are originals.

Already 4 times at my studio, last time was at the beginning of 2020. Except the 2020 recordings, all the previously release material was recorded, mixed and mastered by me and also the artworks and the ordering of their CDs was done by me.


Hard Coming Love


From the cellars of the Aussersihl corner of Zurich (Switzerland) booms
a heavy, grinding sound, a deep torrent of pulsating energy. When the six men play, each plays every instrument in support of a psychedelic, hypnotic, wobbling wall of sound. When crowd and band sweat in unison, everybody knows: Love never comes easy. Love comes hard. It’s a HARD COMING LOVE.

Old times ... I was the drummer of this band. Glenn and me mixed and did the final production of this album at my studio. A very good and intense time and I learned a lot :-)



Philipp K

He is a very good friend of mine and we play and produce together since more that a decade. He did have the chance to take half a year off from work to make this album. Together with a bunch of friends he created this beautiful album, an album with a wide range of styles with a mesmerizing flow.
I supported him with some tracking, playing the drums and with mixing and mastering - and the artwork :-)